Welcome to as3-commons-reflect

AS3Commons-reflect depends on the AS3Commons-lang library, you can download it here.

AS3Commons-reflect is an open-source library providing a reflection API for ActionScript 3.0. Being a pure actionscript library it can be used for any Flash/Flex/AIR project.


The library provides clean, easy and complete introspection on class variables, accessors, methods, metadata etc. etc. by parsing the xml returned by flash.utils.describeType. Parsing results are cached so that possibly resource expensive parsing won’t occur next time for the same class.

When Flash player 10.1 or higher is installed, instead of using the native describeType method the new describeTypeJSON method is used to retrieve the type information.

This yields a significant speed improvement.

Metadata, MetadataArgument, Accessor, Constant, Variable and Parameter arguments are immutable. So, for instance, if the Bindable metadata is used on two different classes and/or members AS3Commons-reflect will return the same Metadata instance in order to preserve memory.

The library is thoroughly tested and is being intensively used for the Spring Actionscript project.