Welcome to as3-commons-collections

Note: The sources of this project have been moved to GitHub.

The existing Google Code SVN branch is not longer maintained and only updated to reflect new releases. You still may download the latest release from this page. A ZIP archive containing src, examples, tests and APIDoc is available at GitHub.

GitHub: https://github.com/as3commons/as3commons-collections
Project documentation: Developer Page AS3Commons Collections

The projects contains an abstraction layer over different data structures as well as a set of useful and performant collection implementations:

  • ArrayList, SortedList
  • Set, LinkedSet, SortedSet
  • Map, LinkedMap, SortedMap
  • LinkedList, Treap

Additionally, most of the collection implementations come in a bindable version, capable to be bound to user interfaces.

The framework also includes a powerful set of iterators and collection utils.