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AS3Commons-bytecode is an open-source collection offering a ABC bytecode parsing and also posting and bytecode based representation

API for ActionScript 3.0.

It provides an emit API for creating classes at runtime, and also a proxy API to create vibrant runtime proxies in addition to an interception system.

Either of these can be utilized as a structure for mocking or AOP collections, or any other kind of project that needs runtime course generation.

Being a pure actionscript library it can be used for any type of Flash/Flex/AIR project.

This project used to be called Loom as produced by Maxim Porges. (http://code.google.com/p/loom-as3/).

The library offers tidy, simple and also total self-questioning on course variables, accessors, approaches, metadata and more, by analyzing the bytecode returned by loaderInfo.bytes. By analyzing the bytecode straight it is feasible to gain complete course insight, which implies private participants and also techniques, default worths for optional specifications, and so on.

Analyzing results are cached to ensure that a SWF only should be analyzed once.

The collection is thoroughly examined as well as is being made use of in the Spring Actionscript project for its course scanning system.