Best Ping Pong Table Review of 2018 – My Picks

You all must be aware of the table tennis sport which is also known as Ping Pong. It is a great way to have fun with your friends and family and this sport is played on the indoor tables. There are many ping pong tables are available but here, we are going to review the Best Ping Pong Table of 2018.

The ping pong tables are divided into outdoor tables and indoor tables. As the outdoor tables are to be used outside environment, so they are built sturdier. They are weatherproof and are more expensive than the indoor ones. You can easily find any indoor table at a cheaper rate than the outdoor tables.

If you are looking to buy a ping pong table for you, then you will come across many different tables of different brands. The cost of the ping pong table is really high and everyone couldn’t afford to buy these tables. Here, we will guide you through the best ping pong table for your home or office.

Best Ping Pong Table Review

JOOLA Inside 15mm Table Tennis Table

If you are a table tennis lover and looking to buy a ping-pong table, then we would recommend JOOLA Inside 15mm Table Tennis Table. This is one of the best ping pong table that you will come around. It is ideal for both the home and office use for beginners as well as advanced players.

The Joola tennis table comes pre-assembled by up to 95%, so you don’t have to waste your time on assembling the table. It consists of the premium high-quality materials that increase its durability. Also, it offers exceptional reliability and bounce, so you will enjoy playing table tennis on this table.

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Product Features:-

  • High-quality construction
    • The Joola ping pong table consists of the high-quality materials that make it sturdy. It has a well-built undercarriage consisting of the steel legs that are foldable from one side. It weighs 190 pounds and can easily withstand pressure for long-term use.
  • Separate halves of the table
    • The two halves of the Joola tennis table allow you to turn the table into playback position.This playback position helps you in solo practice. For this, you have to move one side of the table to the parallel angle.
  • Steel legs
    • This ping pong table is supported by black color steel legs for better stability. Also, there is black rubber layer at the bottom of legs that will prevent the floor from scratches. You can also adjust the height of the legs according to your need for the level playing surface.
  • Safety Latch
    • To prevent the table from opening all of a sudden, a safety latch is provided. This latch will help the table to stand in the upright position while not in use.


  • With the help of the caster wheels, you can easily move the machine without any difficulty. These wheels also feature a lock to ensure stability while playing.
  • As most of the parts of this table come pre-assembled, so you don’t have to worry about assembling it.
  • There is a 1.5-inch apron at the top surface that provides even bounce on the entire surface.
  • You can easily access the playback mode by keeping one halve at a parallel angle.


  • This table is heavy in weight, so be extra careful while moving it.
  • The quality of this ping pong table is good and is durable for years. But, the overall look of the table is not up to the mark.

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The Joola table tennis table is an ideal choice for those who want a professional table at home. It has an MDF multi-layer surface at the top for even and consistent bounce while playing. Also, you can adjust the height of the table with the help of the height adjusters.

Now that you all know about the Best Ping Pong Table of 2018, tell us about your thoughts on this table. You can share your feedback and thoughts with us at AS3Commons. We would love to hear from you, so drop them down and let us know. Thank you.