5 Steps to Wean Yourself from Tech and Social Media Addiction

It would be unfair to say that smartphones have ruined our lives.

There are indeed many uses of smartphone apps; technology has simplified and enhanced our way of living.

But, it surely comes with a downfall and that is Addiction.

If you use your smartphone for more than 4-5 hours in a day, then you are already addicted. High usage of smartphones can cause problems like anxiety, mental pressure, FOMO, depression, and what not!

Quick 5 Tips on Controlling Our Social Media Addiction

Tips to Control Social Media Addiction

Instead of blaming the Internet, let’s work together and make a few changes.

Be Aware

Make a note of how much you are using the phone, and be aware of it. You need to question yourself – Is it worth the time? Am I using the phone constructively? Where should I invest time into?

These questions will make you more aware of the problem, make changes in the right way.

Turn off the Notification and The Sounds

As soon as you hear the *ting* notification sound, you are bound to respond. It’s a human tendency, we are designed like that. You can turn off the notification sounds, and it will surely bring a major difference in the usage.

Stop Setting Your Morning Alarms on the Phone

Keep your smartphone as far as possible during the night, so that you are not tempted to check the notifications. Get an alarm clock for that purpose. Also, try to put the smartphone aside at least half an hour prior to your bedtime.

Delete the Apps If Needed

This won’t be much effective for all the users though, but it can be tried out for some extreme cases. If you feel like you are way too much addicted to any app that serves no purpose, uninstall it.

Make Changes in Your Lifestyle

Just a few small changes in your routine can bring a lot of differences. You can join a class for music, learning a musical instrument, a gym class and utilize your time in a better way.

So, do you follow any of the listed tips? Also, share us your way of tackling the smartphone addiction and how you deal with it. If you liked the post, do share it among your friends.