Great inventions that help you in your daily life

Thanks to the great inventions and discoveries around us, our survival has never been so easy in all of human history. Thanks to the great inventions and discoveries around us, our survival has never been so easy in all of human history. Necessity is the mother of inventions. Proof of this statement is scattered around all of us. People needed a better method of transport, hence the first car was invented. Sure, the first car was not instantly capable to accelerate from 0kmph to 100kmph within seconds, but gradually cars have become an integral part of our society.


Modern devices are capable to perform simple tasks to highly complex calculations without breaking a sweat. The following is a list of great everyday inventions help you and made your life easier:

  • Computers: Alan Turing, a British mathematician invented the universal machine capable to breakdown cryptic messages of Nazi’s Enigma machine. The universal Turing machine was first generation of a computer. Today, computers perform most of our laborious tasks. From sending messages to manufacturing an airplane, computing power has only grown in past century. It is an estimate, that by 2050, artificial intelligence will be a reality. Computers will become smart enough to imitate human emotions. Better watch out for a T-800 from the future.
  • Mobile phones: Martin Cooper, an engineer at Motorola first used a handheld phone on April 3rd,1973. He revolutionized the method of communication. We all have a block of metal and glass in our pockets which has a computational capacity larger than Apollo spacecraft sent on moon in 1969. Martin Cooper’s invention was upgraded into a new generation of smartphones, which we all use today.
  • Microwave oven: A must-have product in today’s kitchens, microwave ovens earned this reputation for their ability to rapidly heat food and specialize in different cooking techniques. Microwave oven, actually emits radiations to excite water molecule present in the food. It heats uniformly and does not deprive food of its nutrients, as it is popularly believed. 1950’s saw the emergence of this devices. Today they can be used for special cooking techniques of food such as chocolate, meat, pizza, etc.
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning: Before the invention of refrigerating systems, ice was the prime method to maintain foods at lower temperatures. The ice absorbed heat of food and got melted in the process. This is in accordance with laws of thermodynamics. In 1913, first refrigeration for home use was made. Today many companies provide refrigerators of varying capacities. Direct benefits of this invention was to the food industry and medical fields.
  • Automobiles: François Isaac de Rivaz, invented the first car with an IC engine, in 1808. This was the foundation for later cars. People daily use cars to reach their destinations. A car is considered as a part of family by some. 98.6 million cars were sold in 2017 alone. By this number, you can know the importance of cars in modern era. Even though when a car is a useful tool, it results in large global problems, which are increasing rapidly. Almost 18 per 100,000 people die every year due to automobile accidents according to WHO report. Moreover, cars contribute a major part to pollute the planet.