5 Inventions All Would Like To See Turned To Reality This Year

Automation is on a new high already, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

We always have wished to have a machine or device that does the work for us, and make the pet-caring easier and more fun, isn’t it? For your information, dog-based gadgets, inventions, services have already been discovered. But not many people are aware of it.

5 Inventions All Would Like To See Turned To Reality This Year

Hey there, we are going to list out the TOP Innovative and Helpful Inventions that Dog Owners would love to Use in Reality. They are as follows:

1. PetCube

This is a WiFi-enabled Pet Camera which allows you to share audio and video files when you are away from home. With the help of the PetCube, you could keep a check on their movements, and be at peace knowing that they are doing fine.

2. LED Dog Vest – controlled by Smartphone

Lit up the party along with your pet by making them wear the LED-based Dog Vest. The lights on the vest will keep them visible in the night, and you could keep a track of them anytime. If they get out of the range of the phone, a Lost Dog message will be displayed on your phone.

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3. Tagg Pet Tracker

This is one GPS tracker device that is set on the collar side, on the dog leash. Using this, you could keep track of your pet’s direction and get live updates on it. Also, you will be notified with a message or mail once your dog gets out of the permissible limit.

4. Dog repellents, a non-sticky solution.

This may sound a bit harsh, applying dog repellents to keep the pet away for a while. But they will help in restraining them from biting the furniture and breaking your favorite china-wares.

5. PetNet Smartfeeder

Go Smart while you feed your dogs! The device is connected to an app which will control as of how much food should be served. It will understand the amount of the food that your dog takes on a daily basis, and serves it accordingly!

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