Welcome to AS3commons logging

AS3commons-logging is an open-source library providing an abstraction over logging framework implementations. Being a pure actionscript library it can be used for any Flash/Flex/AIR project.


Download latest stable Download latest stable (2.7) (please visit the Important Changes page if you used logging before v2.5)


We worked hard to provide many useful features that you can use on demand. From useful small util's that help ease your day in daily production to full blown configuration monsters. And even if a feature is missing, the whole system can be plugged together in a lot of ways.

Performance & Size

Albeit the extended feature list, AS3commons-logging offers a high-performing logging solution with up to 1000000 calls in 4ms in a deactivated state. It also has a minimum (non-configured) size of 2.1kB putting minimum overhead to your productive application.


By default AS3commons-logging offers a large range of frameworks and logging UI's that can be immediately integrated. This should ease the transition from a former framework to as3commons. LogMeister integration FlexUnit integration Trazzle integration Yalog integration OSMF integration Doomsday Console integration Alcon Console integration YUI Framework integration Flex logging integration Firebug logging integration Progression framework integration Swiz framework integration SOS Console integration ThunderBolt integration Mate integration ASAP integration Arthropod integration Push Button Engine integration Spicelib integration MonsterDebugger integration Flash Console integration Log5f integration Maashaack integration Log4j Chainsaw integration