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This project depends on the following AS3Commons projects:

AS3Commons-bytecode is an open-source library providing a ABC bytecode parsing and publishing and bytecode based reflection API for ActionScript 3.0.

It offers an emit API for generating classes at runtime, and a proxy API to generate dynamic runtime proxies along with an interception mechanism.
Either of these can be used as a foundation for mocking or AOP libraries, or any other kind of project that requires runtime class generation.

Being a pure actionscript library it can be used for any Flash/Flex/AIR project.

This project used to be known as Loom as created by Maxim Porges. (http://code.google.com/p/loom-as3/)

The library provides clean, easy and complete introspection on class variables, accessors, methods, metadata and more, by parsing the bytecode returned by loaderInfo.bytes. By parsing the bytecode directly it is possible to gain complete class insight, which means private members and methods, default values for optional parameters, etc.
Parsing results are cached so that a SWF only needs to be parsed once.

The library is thoroughly tested and is being used in the Spring Actionscript project for its class scanning system.